Rahul’s comment on PM Modi a frustration of incompetence: BJP

New Delhi [India], Dec. 2: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday asserted that Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's comment on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is frustration of incompetence.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra told ANI, "Rahul Gandhi before commenting on the competence of the Prime Minister should rather introspect about his own competence.

I would say that it is the frustration of incompetence of Rahul Gandhi that he is making such kind of unfounded utterances," Patra further said that Rahul Gandhi by and large is non-issue and has been rejected by not only the country, but by the Congress as well and the frustration is speaking today.

Earlier today, chairing the Congress parliamentary party meeting, Rahul Gandhi said the country has suffered tremendous damage as a result of the vanity and incompetence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and that the Congress Party has never given India a Prime Minister who was a prisoner of his own image.

Gandhi further said Prime Minister Modi will be judged by history as man who gifted massive political space to anti-India forces by creating opportunistic an BJP-PDP political alliance.

Source: ANI