Rajkumar Rao has done it again, this time for Trapped!

New Delhi [India], Nov.16 : Rajkumar Rao gives his own blood for a scene in Vikramaditya Motwane's film 'Trapped'! The actor, who recently was in news for a rigorous diet of one cup black coffee and a carrot for for nearly 20 days to project his survival journey for his character in the film, has also given his own blood for a scene in the film! The actor plays lead in this survival drama this time and yet again has gone under the skin of his character! Raj, who always takes the route of method acting wanted to keep the scene as close to real and so instead of using alternatives, the actor decided to give out his own blood for a scene in the film and make the sequence look real.

'Trapped' was screened at Mumbai film festival where Raj and Vikramaditya, the duo received a standing ovation for the film! The film's screening witnessed a long que of audience eagerly awaiting the curtains to roll up.

Overall Rajkumar's depiction of being trapped in a house is as realistic as it can get. With his captivating acting, Rajkumar Rao keeps viewers engaged all throughout the film, leaving a sense of feeling trapped by the audience.

Vikramaditya and Rajkumar are teaming up for the very first time and the duo have had a great time shooting the film! Raj confirmed the news and added, "I can't reveal much about the scene as its pivotal to the narrative of the film.

However let me say that it wouldn't have looked real if it wouldn't have been my own blood. We all are very happy the way it's turned out. It's a scene that stays with you.".

Source: ANI