Ranveer Singh performs his new Jack and Jones rap song

Mumbai [India], Oct.10 (ANI-Newsvoir): Jack and Jones, an International menswear fashion brand, today announced an exciting new brand campaign - "Don't Hold Back", featuring Bollywood's boldest youth icon, Ranveer Singh, their new brand ambassador.

Marking the launch of a national campaign, Jack and Jones and Ranveer Singh released a rap music video titled- 'Don't Hold Back'.

The entire flagship stores faade was converted into a giant LED screen! Fans waiting for Ranveer and lucky passers-by got to see the new Don't Hold Back video on it! After this, the Bollywood superstar and self-described "Firestarter" Ranveer Singh rapped the new single live for hundreds of wild, cheering fans, driving crowds into an absolute frenzy! Ranveer didn't stop there! After his high on energy, spectacular live performance, (that has almost become synonyms with Ranveer) he jumped headfirst into the audience, onto a moving car on Linking Road, and into some nearby stores too! The music video "Don't Hold back" can be viewed on https:www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyFm5UQXS4s On ground at the event, Jack and Jones also offered fans the opportunity to the ultimate denim makeover - the first 200 customers to come in and dump their old branded denims got a pair of brand new Jack and Jones denims for free! This makeover was kick-started by Ranveer Singh, who called five young lucky men on stage, to dump the denims they had on, into a giant bin, and presented them with a brand new pair of Jack and Jones denims! The strong and snappy lyrics of the song invite listeners to boldly display their true personality and celebrate the power of inner strength - no holds barred.

As the name suggests, it stands for a 'who-gives-a-damn attitude' and is a clear call-to-action for fans, to shun all inhibitions and follow their gut, irrespective of what the world says or the consequences.

The foot-tapping rap sequence has been entirely written and sung by the multitalented, Ranveer Singh himself! For Jack and Jones, a disruptive, rebellious and edgy brand, there couldn't have been a better personality than Ranveer Singh, to collaborate with.

His infectious energy and honest-to-God, "Don't hold back" attitude breathes life into the campaign and represents the Jack and Jones spirit perfectly.

"Don't hold back" is a philosophy that Ranveer firmly stands for, and he believes that youth today need to follow their heart and stop giving a damn about "log kya kahenge".

The opening lines of the song by Ranveer sum up the attitude of the campaign perfectly- "Live everyday like it's my aakhri orpehla, Nah hoon phukra, na hoon vella, tere nehle pe hoon dehla, Beta main hoon tera guru, aur tu hai mera chela 'That Ranveer guy's so quirky' haan main hoon saala hatela." Speaking about the launch, Vineet Gautam - Country Head, BESTSELLER said, "Ranveer Singh's presence always manages to create an electric atmosphere amongst consumers and that's exactly what we witnessed today at the launch of "Don't Hold Back".

The crowd was awestruck and completely spellbound, as they watched their favorite Bollywood actor rap the new single, live for them, for the very first time.

His enthusiasm and energy is unmatched, making him the perfect icon for a brand as edgy and rebellious as JACK (and) JONES." Bollywood heartthrob Ranveer Singh said, "Performing this song live for my fans was an absolutely unbelievable experience.

I have written the lyrics and sung the rap myself, which is what made this experience doubly special. My reason for associating with JACK (and) JONES's campaign 'Don't Hold Back' was simple, because it resonates so completely with my own personal philosophy.

I firmly believe that the youth today need to hear this song and its message about following ones heart, and not giving a damn about "log kya kahenge"! I am grateful to JACK (and) JONES for giving me the opportunity to share our message with youth today! (ANI-Newsvoir).

Source: ANI