Ready for the festive days?

New Delhi, Sep 18 (IANSlife) The festival season is just around the corner and it's time to get cued in to the trend alerts before you start shopping.

Designer Avvantika S. Parwani shares some tips:

1. Coordinated sets is a trend that I see forthcoming and working really well with millennial girls. It requires minimum effort and offers maximum style and comfort. Our new collection 'ZAHR' had a lot of coordinated jumpsuit sarees/skirts, which are immensely popular with young women.


Classic ruffles are versatile pieces and are here to stay. They're A ruffled blouse can be paired with a palazzo, sharp trousers, a pencil skirt or even a saree - it is that easy to experiment with.

Plus, ruffles are statement-makers, and the use of silks and organzas, drapes and layering makes it beautiful and stylish.

3. Big chaandbalis and statement single neckpieces are accessories that work really well. One such piece is all it takes to give any outfit that 'wow' factor.

4. The colour trends for this season are peppermint green, shades of purple and burgundy, ash blue and feisty pink.

We've incorporated these in our collection, and they've received so much love.

5. Layering is important. Don't be afraid to experiment and play around with colours and textures.

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Source: IANS