Richa makes educational videos about COVID-19 for her staff

Mumbai, May 15 : Actress Richa Chadha felt the need to educate her staff about dos and dont's of COVID-19 that she herself has been following diligently for the last two months.

She has now made easy-to-understand videos for her staff in order to educate them about issues related to COVID-19 and how maintaining basic hygiene can help people from falling prey to it.

"I made videos on my phone and just forwarded them to my staff because I want them to be safe and healthy through this period.

Obviously, taking care of them financially is my duty, but I wanted them to know the proper guidelines to follow social distancing when they step out to buy their groceries and other essentials," she said.

"We may not realise, but in a country like India, social distancing is also a privilege.

When you are sharing a small room with five people, everybody is vulnerable to the disease if social distancing is not practiced stringently outside," she added.

Meanwhile, ever since the lockdown was announced, the actress has taken to gardening with greater interest.

She feels at a stressful time like this, an activity like gardening could be therapeutic.



Source: IANS