Richa Rathore: Storylines on TV make more sense now

Mumbai, May 25 : Actress Richa Rathore feels television as an industry has grown a great deal and has evolved with time.

Richa, who is seen in "Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha", says shows today are more relatable.

"The TV industry has evolved a lot.

It is no longer limited to run-of-the-mill stories and mindless plots. Now we have a more realistic approach to shows and storylines that are relatable and make more sense," she told IANS.

Richa says she loves being a part of the entertainment industry due to its reach.

"The best thing about the entertainment industry is its extensive reach.

There are so many for whom TV provides an escape from their mundane lives and they get to experience the drama, thrill and fun to keep themselves entertained.

It's about making people happy and that makes our industry special," she says.

Richa says she loves playing Nandini in "Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha".

"People like Nandini's innocence.

That's what I have understood from the feedback and messages that we have received. I hope we would be able to continue keeping the viewers engaged with Nandini's performance and the story in coming times," she says.



Source: IANS