Roman Reigns pays tribute to the Undertaker after retiring him at Wrestlemania 33

New Delhi [India], Apr. 4 : Bringing the curtain down on his legendary wrestling career, the Undertaker bowed out of the WrestleMania 33 on an emotional note.

The 52-year-old WWE legend, whose real name is Mark William Calaway, was defeated by Roman Reigns in the headline main event at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando as he was pinned after a devastating spear.

The brutal final match, wherein the Undertaker suffered only his second ever defeat at Wrestlemania, saw Reigns leave the legend's record end at 23-2.

After the defeat, Taker took off his hat, coat and MMA-style gloves and placed them in the middle of the ring - a sign that he has ended his in-ring career.

He then made his way up the long ramp and disappeared slowly down the trap door he came from earlier. Paying tribute to the WWE legend, Reigns said: "It almost feels like a loss, you know what I mean? Because, I've said this for the past three or four weeks, I've got nothing but respect for The Undertaker," the Sun reported.

Other WWE superstars too took to the social media to thank The Undertaker for his 25-year service to the industry.

Mick Foley wrote, "#ThankYouUndertaker - my life has been so much better for having known you," while the Miz said: "If there's a dry eye at #Wrestlemania ur a bigger man than me.


Source: ANI