Ryan Reynolds’ escape moves during Brazil stage collapse go viral

Sao Paulo, Dec 10 : A clipping of Hollywood superstar Ryan Reynolds' narrow escape after a stage barrier collapse in Brazil has gone viral on social media.

A Twitter user posted the clipping and wrote: "I'm here at CCXP seeing Ryan Reynolds.

Then the stage falls." The post got 4.4K retweets, 40.5K likes and 1.5 million views.

The 'Deadpool' actor was attending a fan event to promote his new movie 'Free Guy' in Sao Paulo on Saturday when the barrier collapsed.

As Ryan got closer to his fawning fans by jumping down in front of the stage, the barrier separating him and the excited crowd collapsed, forcing the 43-year-old actor to jump back onto the stage in the nick of time to save himself.

People expressed concern as well as posted funny remarks on social media.

One Twitter user remarked: "Deadpool's skills."

One fan gushed: "The guy is a ninja! No need for a stunt man! Now celebrate because no one got hurt! I am a fan of the guy."

One fan was clearly not amused: "F**k, how tense.

Something worse could have happened. These guys have to look at these structures."

Another wrote: "He should be the next Flash. It was pretty fast going out of the way".

One fan commented: "It is a shame that this happened..unlike many foreigners, the Brazilians were super respectful and did not jump on him like crazy."

One user posted a picture of a young woman lying in bed and watching the clipping on her smartphone.

He wrote: "I live across the avenue and I didn't go. I only heard the screams because I was born rich."



Source: IANS