S. Korea protests Japan’s ‘distorted’ history textbooks

Seoul [South Korea], Mar. 24 : South Korea on Friday protested Japan's history textbooks for high school, which reflect Tokyo's repeated territorial claims to a pair of rocky islets lying halfway between the two countries.

According to Xinhua, South Korea's Foreign Ministry said it strongly protests against the approval in Japan of high school textbooks representing a distorted recognition of history such as Japan's unfair claims to the Dokdo islets, an inherent territory of South Korea.

The statement urged Japan to immediately revise the textbooks, saying the biggest victims to the wrong view of history will become Japan's next generations.

It said Japan should face squarely up to history and take a responsible action on education of next generations.

South Korea has controlled its easternmost islets since the Korean Peninsula's liberation from the 1910-45 colonial rule of Japan.

The rocky outcroppings were forcibly incorporated into Japan during the colonization..

Source: ANI