Sangeet Natak Akademi looking for untapped talent

New Delhi, March 15 : Through an ongoing campaign, Sangeet Natak Akademi is looking to tap into the lesser known traditional art forms and practices like songs, dances, crafts, arts and culinary art around festive activities in March-April.

The national academy of music, dance and drama has launched the third phase of its web campaign 'Sanjhi: Mujh Mein Kalakar' which has its main focus on the "folk, traditional, customary social events and ritualistic art forms, woven around the cultural fabric of festivals in the months of March and April", the Akademi said.

The Akademi is looking for "untapped, lesser known, indigenous and traditional art forms and practices" including folk and ritualistic songs and dance; traditional and indigenous craftsmanship; intricate floor designs Kolam, Rangoli or Aipan; traditional culinary art; or a gamut of community festive activities."

To participate, one can upload clear "audio, video or image form (preferably video for authentication) of not more than 2-3 minutes" that captures the art form.

This has to be uploaded on

The portal for upload will be active from March 20 to April 30.

In case of any difficulty, the helpline number is 011-23382706, Akademi said.

The campaign aims to provide an innovative scope to India's myriad diversity to converge on a shared platform.

The first two phases of the campaign were around Diwali and harvest festivals across India.



Source: IANS