Section 144 imposed in Agartala after IPFT supporters storm town

Agartala, Aug 23 : The West Tripura district administration has imposed prohibitory orders under Section 144 in Agartala after Indigenous People's Front of Tripura (IPFT) supporters created law and order situation in the city.

The IPFT supporters, demanding separate tribal state 'Twipra Land', were seen creating rampage in the city demanding separate tribal state.

Some incident of violence and loss of property took place in the town and additional central paramilitary forces have been deployed in the city, said police.

"Our first priority is to maintain law and order situation in the city. Proper enquiry will happen and the culprits will be booked to justice," Superintendent of Police (West) Abhijeet Saptarshi told ANI.

Supporters of tribal party IPFT during in a procession in Tripura capital Agartala on demand of separate tribal state 'Twipra Land' created mayhem and lawlessness in larger part of the town.

At least forty people have sustained injuries and a large number of cars and motor bikes were put on fire as the IPFT supporters were arsoning at several places.

The situation turned worse as angry mob, most of the non-tribals, retaliated and even attacked police vehicles.

The incident started when two women along with a child were attacked by the IPFT cadres when they tried to cross the rally at a gap and to which locals standing at the spot protested.

A policeman in-charge of security of the SBI at Colonel Chowmuhuni told ANI that he had to fire at least five rounds to disperse the IPFT supporters who were trying the put fire in the bank ATM.

Police have rescued huge quantity of rods and pipes from the IPFT rally site and which were used to attack shops and people.

The actual number of injured, however, could not be confirmed. Meanwhile, the CPIM alleged that the entire situation is pre-planned to flare up communal violence in Tripura by IPFT and in which TMC and BJP is also helping them.

Source: ANI