Shah Rukh indulges in fav TV series during late night gym sessions

New Delhi, Aug 4 : Even if global icon Shah Rukh Khan is one of the biggest entertainer on this planet, the actor also needs some kind of entertainment for himself.

The 'Fan' star is the latest celebrity to be smitten by International TV Series. Shahrukh recently revealed that he is completely hooked to Brit crime drama series titled 'The Night Of' and he watches it on his iPad while cycling in the gym.

He said, "I put my iPad here (on the cycling equipment) and watch 'The Night Of' which is currently my favourite, so that I can pass of one hour." The series is currently a rage abroad and from the looks of it the fever has reached India too, leaving none other than our very own King Khan.

'The Night Of' is available in India only on the free Live streaming App, Hotstar under its range of premium services.

Hotstar brings to ones finger tips International content in simultaneity to its premier abroad, Unspoilt! With Hotstar being the only platform that brings Night Of to India, the cat is out of the box and we know who has Shahrukh glued at night!.

Source: ANI