ShopClues launches worldwide market with top global brands

New Delhi, Aug 6 : India's first and largest managed marketplace ShopClues will now feature rare and hard-to-find imported goods on its worldwide market.

The store will enable easy access to top-rated goods from international markets across categories such as premium watches, beauty products, home furnishing, mobiles and electronic accessories as well as sports products, smart devices, and so on.

The ShopClues' worldwide market will showcase coveted items from across the globe at a price point of Rs.

110-13,00,000, inclusive of customs, foreign currency conversion and logistics cost. Some noteworthy brands that customers can look forward to on the worldwide market are Fossil, Seiko, Swiss, Edifice, Rococo, Nine Divas, Archipelago, Artistic Linen, Avondale Manor, Bedford Home, Eddie Bauer, and Highland Feather in the categories of watches, beauty, and home and kitchen.

"ShopClues has become a household name with customers purchasing all categories of products from us, be it clothes, kitchen utensils, ethnic Indian handicrafts and much more.

With the launch of the Worldwide Market, we aim to deliver top-of-the-line imported goods that are hard to come by in India," said AVP Marketing ShopClues, Nitin Agarwal.

"We're certain that our offering will be a success as customers will be at ease when buying high-ticket products from ShopClues as the brand name today stands for trust and reliability.

The ShopClues' Worldwide Market will eliminate doubts regarding counterfeits and unfair pricing, concerns that are common when one is shopping for international products in India," added Nitin Agarwal.

The online aggregator is set to bolsters its market standing as the ultimate online destination for all customer needs.

Whether one wants to purchase small-ticket home products from unbranded categories or wants ready access to high-end fashion accessories, ShopClues is the only name that will come to mind.

Source: ANI