Siliguri hosts coin and currency exhibition-cum-auction

Siliguri (West Bengal) [India], Sept. 4 : A two-day world coin and currency exhibition cum auction is being held in West Bengal's Siliguri district, where coin collectors from all over the country are arriving to witness the vast collection of coins.

Organised by Numismatic Society of Calcutta, the two-day long exhibition cum seminar has attracted a large number of people, especially school children as thousands of coins, medals, stamps and currency notes from across the world are on display.

The exhibition showcases unique collections of antique coins and currencies from different parts of the world.

Around 26 stalls exhibits more than 195 countries coins at the time of 600BC till the modern era that includes Indian first coin "Panchmarg", gold coins of Kushan and Gupta period along with Coochbehar.

The society, organising the event, aims to preserve the heritage through the study of coins, carrying out researches and preserving them.

Source: ANI