Simon Cowell’s remarks make X Factor contestant cry

London [UK], Nov. 13 : English reality television judge Simon Cowell recently caused the tears of British teenagers' favourite 'X Factor' boy Matt Terry, after the contestant's performance "didn't work" for him.

Wiping away tears with a hug from Dermot O'Leary, Terry later admitted he was "feeling a bit scared tonight" as he may "not be safe," reports

Causing the tears, the 57-year-old music mogul said, "I think the first half of the track, the song, for me it didn't work.

Let me tell you why. It didn't feel like it was you." "It was like a song of two halves, but the second half, which is what I think people are going to remember, it was great.

I still think there's a lot more to come from you," Cowell told Terry after his singing performance. However, social media users took to Twitter to compliment the young talent by consoling and encouraging him.

One viewer tweeted, "@MattTerry93 I disagree with Simon. You did smashing it and i'll be behind on you all the way #teamMatt. I vote for you." "Matt's making me cry, he's so sweet!! Bless him!! @MattTerry93 #VoteMatt #XFactor," posted another.

On the other hand, not all viewers bought the tears with some cynical audience members believing they were an attempt to gain votes.

"Looooooool Matt terry with that one tear. Sympathy votes come through #XFactor," wrote one. "Matt Terry crying on @TheXFactor cause he can't take a little criticism. Aye not so much golden boy anymore," another added. Reviewing the night, judge and mentor Nicole Scherzinger said, "I didn't know that that happened. To me, he shined like crazy, but that's okay and I appreciate your criticism. I like fuel for the fire." "I think Matt, for the last two weeks, hasn't been himself. It's true. It's Nicole's fault," Cowell added..

Source: ANI