Slaughterhouse ban woes: Moradabad’s famous meat biryani outlet facing trouble

Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Mar. 28 : While Moradabad's non-vegetarian biryani is making itself famous abroad, its taste seems to be deteriorating in Uttar Pradesh.

The biryani has its own identity in every corner of the country. Famous for the past 50 years, the taste of Alam biryani shop has worsened. Now when people visit to devour the delicious meat biryani, instead they get pickle or chicken biryani.

The reason behind this is the recent ban of illegal slaughterhouses in the state. Alam biryani shop has four more outlets in the city where people from across the world to appreciate its uniqueness.

Since the time the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has come into power in the state, it has shut down most of the slaughter houses, which is in turn affecting the taste of the famous biryani outlet.

People say that biryani made of buffalo's meat is more delicious and more over cheaper as well which suits their pocket.

Earlier even in the summer season, the demand of beef biryani used to be on top, but now it seems to be decreasing because of the obvious reason.

Source: ANI