So what if ‘jallikattu’ is an ‘age-old tradition’: SC to TN Govt.

New Delhi, July 26 : Countering Tamil Nadu's interpretation of jallikattu as an 'age-old tradition' which is practised far and wide in the State, the Supreme Court in sharp remark today said child marriage was also once an 'age-old tradition' before being banned.

Rubbishing the state's plea that Jallikattu should be allowed because it is a centuries old tradition, the top court said, "Child marriage too is an age old tradition.

Does that make it legal? In earlier times child marriage was common. Does that justify its practise?" The Bench responded that it would consider the plea for a larger Bench after hearing preliminary arguments on constitutionality of the January notification.

The matter is posted for its final disposal till August 23. The Apex court also observed that mere presence of tradition cannot justify its practices. Jallikattu means "bull-taming," and bulls are let loose as young men compete to subdue them. The sport, usually held in the "Pongal" season in February to celebrate the winter harvest, was not held this year with the court intervening just five days after the centre lifted the ban imposed by the previous Congress-led government.

Tamil Nadu however, contended why Jallikattu is illegal when bull-fighting, where the animal is killed, has been given constitutional protection as part of cultural heritage.