Social media jokes on Salman post blackbuck case acquittal

New Delhi [India], Jan. 18 : The recent verdict on Salman Khan's 1998 blackbuck case, acquitting the actor, may not be gathering a pleasant ground from the Twitterati.

Alongside a photoshopped picture of an antelope holding a revolver, one Sir Ravindra Jadeja tweeted, "Of Course The Blackbuck Commited Suicide.The Gun Was It's Own Too.#SalmanKhan." A few minutes later, the user wrote, "#SalmanKhan Gets Acquitted Faster Than I Cook Maggi.

BHAI ROX!" "#JodhpurCourt acquits #SalmanKhan after finding black buck guilty of coming in front of bullet," he added, "#SalmanKhan Becomes First Being Human To Perform Best At Courts Without Being A Tennis Or Basketball Player." Another joked, "Salman Khan teaches us that you can pass the buck when it comes to killing black bucks if you have lots of bucks :)" One user sarcastically speculated financial involvement, writing, "If Salman is found guilty today IN Arms Act case by Jodhpur Court , I will loose faith in money!(sic)" The 'Sultan' actor was today acquitted of all charges in the Arms Act case against him in the alleged use and possession of arms with an expired license during the alleged poaching of two blackbucks in Kankani village in 1998.

Fans of the 51-year-old actor, on the other hand, sincerely congratulated him and thanked the above one for the 'justice' Salman received after many years of 'suffering.' "#SalmanKhan Acquitted.

You God. Finally justice done," one fan blogged. "Yayyyyyy!! Congratulations SALMANIACS, Finally Prayers zhave Been Answered!!!! Now Haters Gonna Hate Lol!! Proud To Be #SalmanKhan Fans." "Thank God for the justice !! The prayers answered You can't put a good soul down forever , He will RISE," another assured.

Source: ANI