Some people are hiding their ‘illegal occupations’ in name of cow protection: PM Modi

New Delhi, Aug. 6 : Taking strong exception to atrocities on Dalits in Gujarat's Una in the name of cow protection, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said some people have opened shops in the name of cow protection, which makes him very angry.

"I am very much angry on those who have opened their occupation in the name of 'Gau Raksha' (cow protection).

There are many 'Gau Rakshaks' (cow protectors). They protect cows to hide their illegal occupations. Cows mostly die of eating plastic bags and these gau rakshaks should urge people not to throw plastics on the roads.

This will be a big sewa," said the Prime Minister, who was addressing the concluding session of the Town Hall meeting organised at Indira Gandhi Stadium Complex here on Saturday to mark the second anniversary of MyGov(dot)in.

Prime Minister Modi further said, "We have so much diversity to attract people, thus we need to connect people to our heritage and attract tourism.

Tourism will boost our economy. We should try and drive our economy. If we achieve eight percent growth rate for 30 years then we will be at the top. Economic development should be constant and it shouldn't go up and down. This is necessary for us to be at the top." Stressing on the need to focus on preventive and affordable healthcare, he said, "So much money is spent on advertising about the importance of vaccinations, and even then so many children aren't vaccinated.

Now, the Health Department is reaching out household to household to reach everyone. We have introduced insurance in budget; so that the poorest of the poor receives good healthcare." Talking about the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY), he said, "A farmer's son becomes a farmer out of helplessness and not by choice.

Through PMKSY, we will be able to provide adequate amount of water to the farmers." Batting for 'Khaadi', the Prime Minister said, "We should follow 'Khaadi for nation, Khaadi for fashion' will boost our textile industry." Answering a question on his foreign policy, he said, "Foreign policy is for the benefit of the nation.

Its centre point is 'India first'." Talking about the potential of Indian diaspora, Prime Minister Modi said, "Indians settled abroad have their own strength and this plays a great role for India to connect with other nations.

Indians living abroad can do a simple thing, every year they should convince five Non-Indian families to visit India." The Prime Minister also launched 'The PMO App' and met the youngsters who developed the app.

Source: ANI