Sub-standard liquor being sold in Punjab: Food Commissioner

Chandigarh, Feb 19 : Several brands are selling sub-standard liquor in Punjab with alcohol content in them deficient by 2-12 per cent, state Commissioner (Food and Drug Administration) K.S.

Pannu said, here on Tuesday.

Pannu said the state Directorate of Food and Drug Administration, recently conducted a study on the quality of liquor, both country-made and Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL), being sold in Punjab.

"It revealed that many brands are selling sub-standard liquor with alcohol content being not in consonance with the label details.

In addition, many of them contain particles of suspended matter, which are not allowed in liquor," Pannu said.

Warning contractors, manufacturers and bottlers, the Commissioner said they should ensure the quality of liquor according to the bottle labels' claims and the standards set under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.

He said the state food laboratory at Kharar is fully equipped to test the quality of all kinds of liquor.

Pannu asked bulk buyers of liquor to get the quality tested from the state food laboratory or at Punjab Biotechnology Incubator Lab in Mohali.

"Citizens have the right of quality products.

As per the provisions of law, it is the Food Safety and Drug Administration's duty to check the quality of all kinds of food including liquor," he said.

The state's Excise Department has pegged sales targets for 2018-19 at 33.6 crore bottles, which include 21.6 crore of IMFL, 7.2 crore of country-made liquor and 4.8 crore of beer.

Against a population of 2.8 crore, the sales target would mean consumption of 12 bottles (approximately 9 litres) per person in the state.

As the number of liquor drinking persons would be much less than the population, the number of bottles per drinker will be much higher.



Source: IANS