Survivors claim woman bomber attacked Balochistan shrine

Karachi [Pakistan], Nov. 15 : Some survivors of the terrorist attack at the Shah Noorani shrine in Kuzdar district of Balochistan have claimed that the suicide bomber, who attacked the shrine, was a woman.

Until now, the suicide bomber was being reported a teenage boy. Also, the attack was claimed by the Middle East-based terrorist group Islamic State, while Balochistan Home Minister.

has said that the sectarian extremist group Lashkar-e-Jangvi Al Alami and not Da'ish or its affiliate Jundullah was behind the deadly bombing.

"She was a young woman. She was repeatedly saying, 'aaj tum sab maro gey' (today, you'll all die). She was also abusing the saint," The Express Tribune quoted a survivor Kazi Rashid as saying. "She was quarreling with everyone. And then she blew herself up in the middle of devotees performing dhamaal (devotional dance) in the shrine's courtyard," said Rashid, who along with his and his brother's family had gone to pay respects to the saint and to seek his blessings.

Another survivor Sameer Ahmed said, "The bomber was woman. She was sitting among women devotees in the hall where dhamaal session was in progress. Later she blew herself up." Ahmed recalls that the woman, who he claims was the bomber, was making menacing gestures and hurling warnings at devotees.

Gul Khatoon, who also survived the attack, described the bomber as a woman. "She was hot-tempered, quarrelling with everyone. She was repeatedly saying, 'aaj bohat burra honay wala hai sab kay sath' (today the worst is going to happen to all of you) and then she blew herself up," she recalls.

Meanwhile, the investigators have said that the bomber was a teenage boy, possibly 16 to 18 years of age.

They have found the severed head of the bomber which has been sent for forensic analysis. The shrine Khalifa (caretaker), Dost Muhammad, said that the bomber had a small beard and long flowing hair.

Source: ANI