Taliban captures district in Afghanistan’s Kunduz

Kabul [Afghanistan] May 7 : In a major blow to the Ashraf Ghani Government in Afghanistan, Taliban militants have seized control of a Qala-e-Zal district near Kunduz on Saturday morning, following two days of heavy fighting with the security forces.

Sayed Asad Sadat, a Kunduz provincial council member, said Qala-e-Zal district collapsed on Saturday morning to the Taliban after two days of heavy clashes between the insurgent group and security forces, Tolo News reported.

Emran Khalil, a spokesman for the Taliban group, claimed that the district administrative compound, police commandment and all other civilian and security compounds are under Taliban control.

Mahbullah Sayede, the district governor said Taliban militants carried out a group attack on Aqtepa in the district and there is an urgent need for more reinforcements.

But the ministry of Defence spokesman Gen. Dawlat Waziri confirmed that heavy clashes are underway in Qala-e-Zal since Friday. The Taliban militants have launched this year's annual spring offensive last week..

Source: ANI