Tamil Nadu: Parents find daughter’s-corpse-on-doorstep

Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) [India], June 10 : In a distressing development, parents of a 17-year-old girl were left crushed and speechless when they found their daughter's dead body on their doorstep.

The distraught father of 17-year-old Bagyashree, who died at a private herbal care treatment centre in Salem, has filed a complaint with Kavindapadi police station alleging that she died due to wrong treatment.

Bagyashree died on Wednesday while undergoing a weight loss treatment in the centre. Her father Shakthi said he admitted his daughter in the centre as the owner was their relative. He further said that he left his daughter in the hospital on June 2nd as the family had gone to attend a wedding, but when they returned, they found Bagyashree's dead body at their doorstep.

Her parents then rushed her body to the General Hospital in Coimbatore for autopsy. "Whenever I called to inquire about my daughter, the doctor told me that she was recuperating. However, I got a call from the hospital asking for my address. When I asked them the reason, they remained silent. But still, I gave them my address and half an hour later my daughter's dead body was kept at my doorstep," Shakthi said.

He is now demanding strict action against the centre's owner Balaji for his daughter's death. Shakthi further alleged that he was asked to pay Rs.3000 as bribe by the Coimbatore G.H. Mortuary department, in order to collect his daughter's body. Meanwhile, Ashokan, the Dean of Coimbatore G.H has assured that a conclusion will be reached following an inquiry into the incident, adding that strict action will be taken against the ones responsible.

Source: ANI