TCS looks at hiring on-demand basis

Kolkata, June 6 : IT major Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), which had given 20,000 on-campus job offers in India in this fiscal, will hire people on-demand basis, an official said here on Wednesday.

"Everybody is becoming more and more concious of cost.

We can't hire much in advance. Everyone is working on how to optimise people that you hired and train them and deploy. Given the whole thing is becoming agile, you have to have your hiring also agile.

"You have to hire on demand. Hiring is becoming more on-demand basis," company's Executive Vice President and Global Head, Human Resources, Ajoyendra Mukherjee told reporters here.

"In terms of campus hiring, we have given offers to 20,000 students who will be joining in this fiscal," he said.

Last year, net addition in the workforce in the company was 7,775 inspite of the growth the firm had, he said.

"The reason is that one, we had hired more in the previous year and at the same time, there is lot of automation happening in the way software is being delivered," Mukherjee said.

Total headcount in TCS is now 3.95 lakh, he said.

He said the IT giant is viewing that non-availability of people easily from the background of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) subjects in the developed markets like the US, Britain and Europe is a "challenge".

"We are hiring locally and we will hire more.

An independent reserch shows we are one of the top employers who are creating jobs in US. The problem in the US is that younger generation is not taking STEM subjects as their choice.

"We are hiring locally and (getting people from the background of) STEM subject is a challenge..I would say this is a challenge in developed markets," he said.

Mukherjee said on-site hiring in the US has gone up in last five years.

The IT giant has presence in 50 countries.



Source: IANS