‘Technology, innovation powering changes in India’: Highlights from PM Modi’s Smart India Hackathon address

New Delhi [India], Apr. 1 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday addressed thousands of aspiring innovators who are participating in Smart India Hackathon 2017 through video conferencing.

The Smart India Hackathon aims to promote innovation and out-of-the-box thinking in young minds, especially engineering students.

Highlights from Prime Minister Modi's Smart India Hackathon; - India is a youthful nation. The youth of India has come together with enthusiasm for this programme: PM Modi - The youth of India is blessed with phenomenal energy and this energy will bring very good results for the nation: PM Modi There is a need to use technology more and innovate more.

We live in a technology driven era: PM Modi - A series of issues have been placed before our youth to work on.

The issues are challenging but this is also an opportunity: PM Modi - The true essence of democracy is 'Jan Bhagidari': PM Modi - Together we will solve all the issues that are affecting the nation.

This will be done through 'Jan Bhagidari': PM Modi - I am confident the outcomes of what my young friends are doing will lead to very positive results: PM Modi - Artificial intelligence, 3D technology...see how the world is undergoing changes.

This is an era of 'Internet of Things': PM Modi - Technology and innovation are powering so many changes.

Things like floppies, tape recorders and walkmen are history: PM Modi - Technology has made things so much simpler: PM Modi - When you are innovating you may face setbacks but do not let those setbacks lower your morale or dampen your spirits: PM Modi - When you are innovating remember that quality is key.

Good quality products will bring changes in the lives of many people: PM Modi - People say today's youngsters ask so many questions and I see that as a very good thing: PM Modi - Youth of India wants to find solutions to the nation's problems.

They want results that are quick and credible: PM Modi - Today, the youngsters of India want to be job creators: PM Modi - Application and sharpening of knowledge translates into skills.

Both skills and knowledge are important: PM Modi On behalf of Ministry of Civil Aviation, 43 problem statements were thrown to students for which more than 350 ideas from teams of young IT students were received.

After preliminary evaluation, 61 teams were shortlisted who participated at this 36 Hours long Grand Finale.

Out of the 7531 idea submissions received for the 598 problems posted by 29 govt. departments, 1266 ideas have been shortlisted for the 'Grand Finale' on April 1 (and) 2, 2017, during which these teams will work nonstop for 36 hours to build products based on their ideas across 26 locations in India.

'Smart India Hackathon 2017' is expected to become the 'World's biggest open innovation model' that other countries can replicate.

The name of the winner will be declared at 8 p.m. tomorrow and they stand to get cash prizes and a chance to be part of the NASSCOM's '10,000 Startups' program.

The event started at 8 am on Saturday across 26 locations in the country..

Source: ANI