The vicious cycle of depression-infertility!

New Delhi [India], Apr 19 : With more than 10 million cases per year in India, infertility has become one of the common problems in India.

While there are innumerable of physiological factors behind the issue, not many are aware of the fact that depression could be one of the reasons why couples are struggling with the issue of infertility.

If you keep on thinking about getting pregnant and stresses yourself over the issue repeatedly, the process of conception becomes all the more difficult.

Various studies have reaffirmed the fact that due to depression, anxiety and stress, the hormones that initiate the process of ovulation gets affected.

Dr Priti Gupta, consultant fertility and IVF, First Step IVF Clinic throws light on the issues related to depression and infertility.

- Depression- The Prevalence Today's era is all about fierce competition (and) constant struggle to earn a higher standard of living.

Nowadays, there is not even a single phase of life which is free from stress, be it relationships, friendships, parenting or professional life.

This stress can provoke the state of depression very easily. The World Health Organization (WHO) describes that depression is one of the most common disorders in the world, which is affecting approximately 1 out of 5 women and 1 out of 10 men at some point in life.

The problems caused by depression can make the life worse but in women, it may also cause fertility issues.

- Role of Stress in Infertility Depression can simply ruin your relationship, work, eating habit, fitness, and fertility.

Many researchers have shown that stress can interrupt the usual ovulation of women. Because of the depression, the hormones that are required for ovulation get suppressed, delaying the ovulation in a woman's cycle.

This may also lead to missing ovulating at all while on a cycle. Because of the stress, chances are that fertility becomes rare or almost minor. Dr Priti Gupta adds, "Depression is a vicious cycle when it comes to infertility. Depression might lead to infertility and when various attempts to conceive failed to respond, it is more likely that the couple especially the female partner gets depressed." - Symptoms of Depression The stress of not getting pregnant adds on to depression.

It is quite common for the ladies who are suffering from infertility to deal with stress and depression.

However, by knowing the symptoms of depression, you can help them. Following are the symptoms which will work as an alarm for you to avoid depression. Feeling sad and worried, most of the time. Feeling low or lack of energy in the body. Feeling alone after having friends and family. Anxiety and irritability on the small things. Change in eating habits. Weight loss of gain. Above are the primary symptoms that we never take into our consideration and then they lead to one of the most life challenging problems like infertility.

Proper medications and counseling can solve the problem easily. Curing Depression and Infertility: 1) Finding a good doctor or midwife is must: Having a doctor or midwife whom you can trust can play a very precious role throughout your 'fertility' journey.

A doctor or midwife can be your support system who can encourage you and offers knowledge. In case your physician gives fertility pills in the first reaction then you must change your physician as fertility pills are required when every natural medium stops helping.

2) Keep Your Mind Relax: The more anxious you get, the more you keep yourself away from the process of conception.

Keep yourself equipped with the things you like doing and makes you happy. And the best way to keep calm is to go on romantic dates or holidays with your partner. The more you make yourself happy, the more you come closer to your pregnancy. 3) Say Goodbye To White Flour And Sugar: This is also one the main reasons behind not getting pregnant easily.

In today's world, everybody's diet comprises of refined flour and junk food rich in salts, sugar (and) carbohydrates.

Avoid these two ingredients as sugar and white flour affect your weight and causes diabetes which is not good for your fertility.

4) Reduce weight: If you are overweight, it's important to watch your weight as fitness and fertility go hand in hand.

With proper weight, you feel good about your body..

Source: ANI