Think before you get inked

New Delhi, Oct 30 : You may experience mixed emotions before getting your first tattoo. Think hard before you take the plunge so that it's not an impulsive decision, say experts.

Tattoo artists Vikas Malani and Mickey Malani, co-founders of BodyCanvas Tattoos, and tattoo artist Sudhir Rao, have rounded up some important points you must consider before getting inked:

* Choice of tattoo design: Tattoos are forever.

It is a permanent piece of art on the skin. One should go in for a personalised, meaningful design and take suggestions from the tattoo artist as well.

It should never be done in a hurry. Think over it and be convinced about the design because your mood and state of mind might be temporary, but the tattoo is permanent.

We would definitely not recommend getting one's boyfriend's/girlfriend's name tattooed on themselves. One should never regret getting any of their tattoos.

* Choosing the artist: Just because a tattoo shop is in your neighbourhood, doesn't mean you have to get it done there itself.

Make sure you've done enough research about the place before you get the tattoo done. It is important to check the reviews, authenticity and work of tattoo artist/studio. Once you find a reputed artist, visit the studio for a consultation. It is also important to feel comfortable at the parlor and share a bond with the artist.

* Inspecting the studio: The most important thing about getting a tattoo done is to get it done at a safe and hygienic shop to avoid catching any infection or other diseases.

The shop should be clutter-free and may smell good. But, one needs to make sure that all tools are sanitised and a fresh needle must be opened in front of the client.

So you need to be alert and do your inspection of the studio with regards to cleanliness, while you are at the studio for consultation.

* Follow proper aftercare instructions: We surely don't want to scare you, but it is true that things can take a wrong turn if that beautifully done tattoo is not taken care of properly.

So take care of your tattoo and religiously follow aftercare instructions given by your tattoo artist.



Source: IANS