Turn boring bathroom into a contemporary one

New Delhi, Jan 5 : Make your bathroom look more contemporary with geometric designs, splashes of distinct colours like black pearl, earthen hues and different patterns, suggest experts.

Abhishek Somany, Managing Director at Somany Ceramics Limited, and Manish Bhatia, CEO at Evok Retail, HSIL Limited, have listed a few ways of turning a boring bathroom into a contemporary one:

* Palette perfection: Ditch the simple and monochromatic colour scheme.

Add splashes of distinct colours like unique hues of brown, dramatic black and shades of white. Some brands even offer bathroom style in colours like black pearl and earthen escape, that could be given a try.

* Contemporary designs for fittings and fixtures: A bathroom with a contemporary design aims to rationalise bathroom space by putting-off extra embellishment and instead focussing more on simple, angular shapes and lines or flowing curved fixtures.

Geometric patterns can also bring a modern style to your design, while adding an element of visual attraction at the same time.

* Trending tile patterns: Contemporary bathrooms do not need to be void of textured walls as they make a minimalist space come alive with style.

There are a number of tiles available in the market with natural finishes like exotic stones, marble, granite, metal or wood patterns.

* Keep it lit: Lighting constitutes as the most important part of modern design, and simple lighting fixes can elevate the bathing experience.

Contemporary design philosophy relies heavily on geometric shapes and lines, therefore you must keep this in mind while selecting light fixtures, windows and placement options.

Skylights are great idea for modern bathrooms because they add more natural light which has many benefits -- from lifting your spirits in the morning to keeping mold at bay.



Source: IANS