Turn lights off, drink juice to get the feel of alcohol: Nitish

Patna (Bihar) [India], Sept. 13 : Backing his decision to impose prohibition in Bihar, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday advised people not to spoil their health and drink juice in a dark room to get the feeling of having liquor.

While addressing media persons, Kumar said, "Just for the sake of a peg or a two, why are you spoiling everything? Please do not do this, drink juice.

Switch off the light and drink juice, you will feel as if you are drinking alcohol," Kumar said. "The happiness and satisfaction that I got from banning alcohol was something I never achieved before," he added.

He further said that drinking or not drinking alcohol is solely the decision of the individual. Earlier during the year, Nitish Kumar's government enforced a total ban in the state from April 1. The Bihar Excise (Amendment) Act that came into force on April 1, 2016, had restricted the manufacture, transport, sale and consumption of liquor in Bihar and with effective implementation, the state was declared dry on April 6.

Nitish Kumar's government enforced total prohibition in Bihar in April this year. He even asked Prime Minister Modi to impose prohibition across India. The penal provisions in the Act are stringent as there is a large fine as well as a large jail sentence for anyone caught violating the laws.

The establishment of check posts and barriers around the state has made it nearly impossible for those who wish to consume alcohol to source it.

Source: ANI