TV actors urge fans to focus on health this monsoon

Mumbai, July 11 : Sipping your favourite tea with a plate full of fried pakodas while enjoying the drops of rain is what most people like to do during monsoon.

But the rainy season also brings a lot of infections with it. Television actors like Kunal Jaisingh, Pearl V Puri and Shubhangi Atre have urged their fans to have fun and also give importance to their health.

"Following a healthy diet is essential.

This is the season where the body, especially the digestive system, is most prone to infections. Diseases during rainy season are mostly water-borne so we should be sure about drinking water that is filtered or boiled," Kunal said in a statement.

He emphasised on maintaining a healthy diet.

"Which means that your favourite street food is off the menu.

Also, avoid raw vegetables and salads unless they are consumed at home where you can wash and clean them thoroughly," he warned.

Shubhangi shared that drinking enough water, regardless of your activity level, is important.

"Do not compensate your liquid intake with carbonated, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks and beverages.

Herbal tea with anti-bacterial properties is a good idea. Enjoying rain is also important but in a healthy way," she said.

Pearl suggested not to leave home without a mosquito repellent during monsoon season.

"Accumulated water is a breeding ground for insects. Always wear or carry a mosquito repellent," he said.

Actor Adnan Khan is said to be protective about eyes.

"Eye infections like conjunctivitis and dry eyes are common during monsoon. Refrain from touching eyes, especially with dirty hands," he said.

Actress Sara Khan pointed out that people need to be more alert while driving in rain.

"People mostly drive with fun and loud music and sometimes, they consume alcohol for enjoying rain.

Drinking and driving is not safe, but we should be extra alert in rain," she said.

Actress Roshni Sahota said: "Electrical devices such as fuses, socket outlets plugs and switches can malfunction when water gets inside.

It is advisable to replace those that have been submerged. Do not allow power cable connections to become wet."



Source: IANS