US Box-Office: ‘The Mummy’ misfires, ‘Wonder Woman’ still going strong

Los Angeles [USA], June 11 : The Princess of Themyscira has defeated one of the Hollywood's iconic monsters, at least at the Box-Office.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the reboot of Universal's 'The Mummy,' starring Tom Cruise, opened to a withering 32.2 million USD at the U.S.

box-office, a dismal start for the first film of Universal's new Dark Universe of interconnected monster movies.

The movie did well at overseas box-office, earning over 141.8 million USD from 63 markets. Meanwhile, Warner Bros.' box-office sensation 'Wonder Woman' took 57.2 million USD from 4,165 theatres.

The movie saw a drop of 45 percent, which one of the lowest drops ever for a superhero tentpole. 'Wonder Woman,' directed by Patty Jenkins, jumped the 200 million USD mark domestically on Sunday, its tenth day in release.

It should be noted that, 'The Mummy' opened behind any of the openings for the Mummy films starring Brendan Fraser, as well as for spin-off The Scorpion King.

Directed by Alex Kurtzman, the story follows an ancient princess (Sofia Boutella) who is awakened from her crypt beneath the desert, threatening mankind.

Cruise plays the man who discovers the tomb of Ahmanet and unleashes her powers..

Source: ANI