US designated terrorist Yakub Shaikh to contest from Sharif’s National Assembly seat in Pakistan

Lahore [Pakistan], September 11 :Defence of Pakistan Council or Difa-e-Pakistan Council has issued a letter that Mohammad Yakub Shaikh, a global terrorist designated by United States, to contest the by-election from NA-120 constituency/region from which former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was disqualified as an independent candidate.

The chairman of Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC), an umbrella group of jihadi and islamist outfits, issued a letter to all parties who have joined Defence of Pakistan Council or Difa-e-Pakistan that "Shaikh's speeches, assurance and work for the unity of Pakistan makes him a good citizen and patriot." "Th election symbol of Ayub Shaikh is the energy saver bulb and we request all the voters of the region to cast their vote in favour of Ayub Shaikh on 17th September.

for the development and progress of Pakistan." it stated. Global terrorists hiding in Pakistan are making an easy foray into country's mainstream politics and this is quite evident as Yakub was listed as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist by U.S.

Treasury Department in 2012. Yakub was born in Bhawalpur in 1972 and will contest against Kulsoom Nawaz as an independent candidate .

Earlier he was to contest the elections under the banner of JuD's political outfit Milli Muslim League (MML) , a political party formed recently by noted terrorist Hafiz Saeed.

He is holding a Master degree in Islamic Studies from University of Punjab, Lahore. Yakub is the representative of Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) in the Difa-e-Pakistan Council. He is also holding the post of JuD's Bain-ul-Jamaat Rabtaa (Communication with Foreign Religious Organisation).

A close aide of Hafiz Saeed, Yakub reportedly visits Saudi Arabia more than two three times in a year for fundraising activities.

Central advisory committee member of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) Qari Muhammad Yakub Sheikh has held several different leadership positions in the group since approximately 2006, including acting as the department's Deputy Director of political and foreign affairs between 2008 and 2009.

As of mid-2008, Sheikh was also in-charge of LeT's Islamabad office, including managing LeT's general operations in and around Pakistan's capital.

Between 2008 and 2011, Sheikh managed LeT front organizations that were used to raise funds and recruit on behalf of the group.

Sheikh also worked for Falah-e-Insaniat Foundation (FIF), from early 2009 until mid-2010, and was replaced as the FIF head by Hafiz Abdur Rauf.

As of early 2010, Sheikh was the head of LeT's ulema (clerics) wing. He has also worked LeT's international donors. In the late 2006 and late 2007, Sheikh was part of a LeT delegation that travelled to the Gulf on behalf of LeT seeking support.

Yakub Sheikh, a terrorist who is known to threaten world leaders like Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now readying to play an active role in Pakistani politics.

Source: ANI