US, India ties complete and comprehensive, says State Department

Washington[US], Aug.31 : The United States State Department has said that relations between India and the United States are currently very complete and comprehensive, and cover a wide range of sectors of mutual importance to the two nations.

State Department spokesman John Kirby, answering a question related to perceptions about bilateral ties between New Delhi and Washington, said, " I think there's - there's already a tremendous partnership between the United States and India, which cuts across quite a few sectors.

And it's not just security and defense related; it's economic, trade, and information and technology sharing." He further said, "I mean, there's a - it's a pretty full and complete, comprehensive relationship and it's one that we are committed to deepening and strengthening, and I think, that's why the Secretary of Defense's counterpart (Manohar Parrikar) is here, it's why the Secretary (John Kerry) and the Secretary of Commerce Pritzker are there in New Delhi, to continue this Strategic and Commercial Dialogue." "I mean - so if you're asking me are there major announcements to be had, I'm not aware of any.

These kinds of discussions - and this is where we want to be, right? We want to be able to have these kinds of bilateral discussions that cut - that really do cut across all the sectors of a bilateral relationship to deepen it and grow it and to keep it going forward," Kirby concluded.

Source: ANI