US sending ventilators to countries in need: Trump

Washington, April 25 : US President Donald Trump while addressing the daily coronavirus briefing said his administration is sending ventilators to other countries in need as the US now has a "tremendous capacity" of its own.

"They're asking if we can send them ventilators and I'm agreeing to do it," Trump said of other countries, the BBC reported.

"The federal government has 10,000 ventilators and we could have a lot more if we wanted to do that but we're helping Mexico, Honduras, Indonesia, France...We're sending to Spain, we're sending to Italy," Trump said.

The president started by saying the country is beginning to work on re-opening and asks Americans to "maintain vigilance and hygiene, social distancing and voluntary use of face coverings".

Trump signed the Paycheck Protection Program and Healthcare Enhancement Act today - the fourth economic stimulus package passed by Congress due to COVID-19.

Trump notes that (Dollar) 30bn (24bn) of the funds will be reserved for smaller financial institutions and "those that serve minority and distressed communities", like African American and Hispanic American small business owners.

The legislation also includes (Dollar) 75bn for hospitals.

Trump also said more than 80 million Americans have already received their economic relief payments from the federal government.

The typical family of four will get (Dollar) 3,400 he said.

"That's great, and you deserve it."

Accompanying the President, Vice-President Mike Pence said, "Testing is in the forefront of our minds."

"One month ago, all of the testing that had been done in America: 80,000 Americans had been tested," he said.

"But as of this morning, 5.1 million Americans have been tested for the coronavirus."

Pence urges Americans not to be "discouraged" by rising number of cases as testing increases.

"We continue to see positive progress," he said.

Vice-President Pence celebrated the "extraordinary and rapid progress" made by governors in their coronavirus response.

This is "one team, one mission", Pence said, listing progress across US states, like New York, New Jersey and Missouri.

"We are slowing the spread.

We are protecting the most vulnerable," Pence said. "The day will soon come when we will heal our land."

He said that "social distancing efforts" are really making an impact, and thanks the "millions of Americans who put the guidance into practice".



Source: IANS