Users report Instagram, Facebook go down

New Delhi, Nov 28 : Facebook and Instagram have reprtedly gone down around the world, with thousands of users reporting technical problems.

Both Facebook and Instagram have been hit by major outages that left them not loading across the globe, users said.

A rush of issues were reported on Thursday evening, as users reported being unable to load the pages at all.

Multiple users said that heading to Facebook's home page showed only a "service unavailable" message.

And Instagram users found that the web service wouldn't load, though the app appeared to be working.

As usual, many users who were affected by the outage vented their frustration over on Twitter.

Many users complained about the issues on Twitter, where #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown were among the trending topics.

One user wrote, "wait..I know Instagram isn't trying to make me socialize with family- #instagramdown."

Another post read: "People rushing to twitter to see if they are not the only ones whose Instagram and Facebook are down #facebookdown."

"Instagram and Facebook are down Twitter: hello guys, welcome to twitter :)) #facebookdown #instagramdown", added another.

A user remarked, "IG people running to twitter checking if #instagramdown."



Source: IANS