Vaastu Sastra

First and foremost Vaastu Sastra is not a religion but a science. The philosophy and concept of Vaastu Sastra has more to do with complex mathematical calculations along with the energy lines of the earth.

Faith is not a prerequisite to success. Instead effective creation of energy and positive vibration, flow of balance and harmony are required.

The Principles
Vaastu Sastra is based on precepts laid down thousands of years ago in the Indian classics like the Puranas and Vedas. It concerns the order – the harmony of heaven and earth and ways in which we as humans can keep the balance of humans intact.

Few examples  (just skimming over and touching the basic principles of  Vaastu Sastra – only to make a person aware of what exactly it pertains to)  are listed below.

While buying a site :
1. Select a site where the land is fertile and not dry and rocky.
2. Avoid water logged land or a site at the end of a road.
3. Avoid land too close to graveyards, cemeteries, crematoria or hospitals.

Building a house :
1. Regular shapes in houses with squares and rectangles are far superior to angular houses with protrusions or L-shaped and V-shaped structures.
2. Avoid U-shaped houses. People in these would face a great deal of hardship and unhappiness.
3. Avoid triangular shaped houses that have too many corners. The angles are not conducive in attracting positive energy.

Doors :
1. The main door of a house should never directly face a church, temple or cemetery.
2. The door formula states that the number of doors inside a house should be even in numbers and not odd numbers. They should not end in Zero. There should be an odd number of doors in line.
3. When doors face each other, make sure they face each other directly.

Staircases :
1. A staircase should never begin in front of the main door nor end directly in front of a upstairs door.
2. Staircases should ideally be curved gently rather than straight.
3. Spiral staircases are not auspicious.

Industries :
1. The land for an industry as advised by our Ancient Masters should not be where the air is stale, where plants cannot flourish, where soil is dry and lifeless, where surroundings are harsh and threatening and where shapes of hills are sharp and pointed.
2. The main shed or building should be constructed in the south west sector of the entire land leaving more space in the north and east direction and less space in the south west direction.
3. The overhead water tank should be located in the north east sector.
4. The raw material should be stored in the western area and the finished goods in the north west sector.
Just a few of the basic principles of Vaastu Sastra have be touched on. There is a lot more to be studied and understood in detail for the best results. This may be further discussed if required. Do remember that Vaastu Sastra is not magic. It does not have instant results. It is necessary to be patient and allow time for the positive energy and currents from the cosmos to enter the home or office and industry and await harmony and balance. Vaastu should be looked upon as a science and ancient wisdom that has survived through centuries.

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-Courtesy by: N. S. Murthy