Venture Catalysts to go global; begins market research for five countries

New Delhi [India], May 9 : India's leading and fastest growing seed investment and innovation platform Venture Catalysts has announced its decision to extend its reach beyond the domestic business ecosphere and go global.

In its effort to provide investment and bolster innovation amongst entrepreneurial businesses sprouting the world over, Venture Catalysts will look to enter the markets of Hong Kong, the GCC countries, Japan, Singapore and the USA.

Data analysts at VCats have already started an initial market research of these high-growth markets, and have engaged in positive discussions with some large global partners.

Recently, in the Nasscom-Zinnov Start-up report titled 'Indian Startup Ecosystem Maturing - 2016, it was reported that the Indian start-up ecosystem ranked third in the entire world, and was poised to grow by more than 2.2X to reach a colossal figure of more than 10,500 start-ups by 2020.

VCats has played a critical role in nurturing this robust landscape. Now it hopes to contribute from the other end of the spectrum by bringing in technical and business know-how for Indian organizations from international companies to let the entrepreneurial environment thrive and function with greater zest.

The company emerged as the leading investment and innovation driver for Indian start-ups with a huge business potential.

It has already invested in 20 successful Indian start-ups such as SIFTR, an online photo intelligence company which helps creative professionals and individuals discover aesthetically appealing work and publish one's own efforts in an uncomplicated way.

"After gaining experience from investing in 20 Indian start-ups employed in different industries and offering an assortment of products and services, we have started observing the markets of 5 specific regions in great detail," said co-founder and president Venture Catalysts, Dr.

Apoorv Ranjan Sharma. He added that it was felt that it was high-time to establish ourselves as a global investment player emerging out of the Indian start-up ecosphere.

With an aim to explore the newer markets and understand the business process well, co-founder Venture Catalysts, Anuj Golecha said that through this effort, we are also trying to further consolidate India's position as the leading light of the global start-up phenomenon while bolstering innovation and entrepreneurship on a much larger, worldwide scale.

Source: ANI