VPS Rockland served as life saviour for patient from Abu Dhabi

New Delhi [India], Dec. 2 : Advancement in medical technology has proved to be a boon for almost everyone in their course of lifetime.

An Indian lady, working at Abu Dhabi, experienced the same miracle when she visited VPS Rockland Hospital at Qutab, New Delhi with major complications.

A 34-year-old patient with around seven month's pregnancy consulted a Neurologist in LLH Hospital, a unit of VPS Healthcare at Musaffah - Abu Dhabi.

On the basis of investigations and Brain MRI, she was diagnosed with pituitary adenoma with bleeding in the tumor and advised for the surgery.

Owing to her seven months pregnancy the Doctors sensed the complications and referred her to VPS Rockland Hospital, New Delhi, India for further treatment.

The patient was admitted to the hospital with impaired vision and digitalization allowed the transfer of medical records and cross consultation in advance with referring Consultant Neurologist, DrVinod Thampi at LLH Hospital Abu Dhabi.

The expert team of Surgeons was readily available at VPS Rockland New Delhi to handle this challenging case by adopting procedures of sublabialtrans sphenoidal pituitary tumor decompression, leading to removal of tumor through nose.

During the surgery, the group of Gynecologist and Pediatrician also performed an emergency caesarian section to save the child.

The multidisciplinary approach and the well-coordinated team work resulted in saving life of the mother and her child.

The patient and their family members were very happy and expressed a deep gratitude to Dr Pawan Garg, Neurosurgeon and expert team of Doctors at VPS Rockland, New Delhi.

Source: ANI