Waiting to get jealous, says Indian rapper Hard Kaur

By A.Kameshwari New Delhi, Aug. 1 : While rappers Badshah and Raftaar are breaking the chartbuster records with their new singles or Bollywood songs, Hard Kaur says she feels no competition from anyone in the present Indian rap culture.

In an exclusive conversation with ANI, the 'Glassy' hit-maker said, "The song is not a competition to any one because I am still waiting to get jealous.

I am waiting to get to a time where I hear a rapper and think he is better than me, so I should be working more on myself.

I have not seen any competition to me yet." The 'Move your body' singer went on to say that industry gives preference to NRIs more than the talent they already have here.

"It would be wrong to say that we don't have rappers in our country. It's all about exposure which lacks in the country because NRIs get chance before anyone else. Things are better now because of the digital scenario. There are good rappers like Divine, Fateh and few more, they are the people who deserve the push." She added that people should educate themselves about the art of rap and kinds of rap that happen across the globe.

"Even in India, you will see different kinds of rapper but people still complain because they don't explore and just complain that there is same stuff.

They need to educate themselves about rap," the 37-year-old said. Hard Kaur has released her new single 'Sherni,' a song that talks about women empowerment. She also marks the song as a strong comeback in the Indian music industry and hopes to inspire women across the country.

Source: ANI