West Bengal: High security alert in state as Mahalya is observed

Kolkata [India], Sept. 30 : Mahalaya is being observed today, which is a day of chanting the Chandi Paath to mark the advent of Durga puja in a week's time.

From the wee hours of the morning, people all over West Bengal are thronging at holy rivers, as Male members of the family are offering holy waters to the spirits of their ancestors.

Strict security measures have been taken at different ghats of important rivers where people are thronging for 'Tarpan'.

Keeping in mind the recently declared high security alert against any possible terrorist attack from any group that might try to inflame communal passion in the state, large number of security personnel have been posted at river ghats.

The people after Tarpan are to visit different temples and offers prayers to goddess Durga, who is due to descend from her mythical in-laws house at Mount Kailash and come down to earth to bless her devotees for the whole of next one year, till she comes back again next year.

Source: ANI