Westin Hotels (and) Resorts salutes ‘Early Rising Running Community’

New Delhi [India], June 2 : To celebrate the Global Running Day, Westin Hotels and Resorts has announced an addition to its game-changing Gear Lending program, which offers its guests an access to the New Balance (Regd) shoes and workout apparel during their stay at the luxury hotels.

Offered at USD 5 or the local currency equivalent, the part of Marriott International, the Westin Hotels and Resorts will also offer reflective wristbands and light-up sneaker clips, allowing guests to pack light, stay fit, and now, rise earlier.

"Travelers today are over-scheduled and always-on; in response, we are seeing people realign their priorities to put their well-being first," said SVP and Global Brand Leader Westin Hotels and Resorts, Brian Povinelli.

Adding to this he said that whether at home or on the road, often the only time guests have for themselves is the morning.

Fueled by our guests' passion for running and the brand's promise to empower travelers to move well, we hope this extension to our Gear Lending program will inspire travelers to rise early and own their morning on Global Running Day and beyond.

Global study sees a surge in travelers sweating before sunrise With less time and more disruptors on the road, three in four people have trouble maintaining their wellness routine while traveling: sleeping less and exercising less with increased stress levels, even when on vacation.

In response, guests around the globe are increasingly getting up before the sun to own their morning through well-being and regaining control of their routines on the road.

A global study conducted in partnership with StudyLogic revealed that almost 40 percent of global respondents are most in control of their wellness routine between 4:00 a.m.

and 10:00 a.m. Surprisingly, nearly 25 percent of respondents specified that they are most in control between 4:00 a.m.

and 6:00 a.m. And many of those wellness routines include running: 45 percent of global respondents intend to run while traveling.

"As someone who travels throughout the world bringing to life the brand's renowned running program, I have never met a guest who wakes up early to run and regrets it," said National RunWESTIN Concierge, Chris Heuisler.

"There is magic in the early morning hours that fosters a sense of comradery, broadens your perspective and reframes your day.

With a strong commitment to the running community, we are delighted to shine a new light on running for travelers and support an event that has quickly become a global phenomenon celebrated around the world," added Chris Heuisler.

Westin Hotels and Resorts celebrate global running day around the world as it boasts nearly 200 Run Concierges globally, who host group runs for guests and encourage runners of all levels to grab a run WESTIN map and explore their destination.

Whether it is millennials, who view fitness activities to be more social than competitive; business travelers who are shifting their preference from country clubs to running clubs; or even honeymooners, who are increasingly running together as a way to decompress, disconnect and be a tourist at the same time; Westin continues to evolve its offerings to support the running community.

To celebrate Global Running Day, Westin hotels around the world will host empowering runs enlisting guests and associates to rise early and own their morning.

Equipped with the brand's new reflective gear, Run Concierges will lead runners through the scenic routes of cities, along beachfronts and amid rural landscapes to experience sunrise through Westin's well-being lens.

This initiative follows on the heels of the brand's launch of its new multi-million-dollar campaign, Let's Rise, which takes on the disruptions, distractions and unpredictability of travel while empowering travelers to embrace well-being as a way to regain control of their routines and be their best while on the road.

Source: ANI