What’s on top of Indian consumers’ mind

New Delhi, May 8 : With Indians now being online like never before due to COVID-19 restrictions, searches for queries like e-learning, work from home jobs and recipe in 5 minutes have seen massive growth and these clues to digital searches can help brands craft a strategy for their marketers, says a report from global management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

"...by leaning on digital footprints of their consumers, brands can optimise to show up in the moments that really matter the most to their users," said the report.

Almost half a billion people are active Internet users in India and one out of three Indian watch online videos.

"Even in the wake of COVID-19, consumers are looking for "the best" of whatever they need and business that can help them find it safely, quickly and conveniently," said the report.

"With little to no brand preference, Indians are rapidly converging online to build their consideration sets, even before an actual purchase," it added.

Time Spent on smartphones in week 3 of COVID-19 disruption inched towards 4.5 hours per day, according to data cited in the report.

The management consulting firm pointed out that it is imperative for marketers to hold a seamless dialogue with potential shoppers, from when they discover them online to before an actual purchase.

And finally, invest in post purchase redressal systems to be top of mind for consumers.

The insights in the report are mostly derived from Google's report "What is India Searching for?"

Some of the search items that saw massive growth in 2020, according to the report, are best headset, best/top 2W insurance, best skincare brands, best mattress, best movies on YouTube, best trading platforms, best way to lose weight, best way to learn English, best way to study and best Telugu movies 2020, among others.



Source: IANS