Where is the garland of shoes, asks Muslim cleric to ‘bald’ Sonu Nigam

Kolkata (West Bengal)[India], Apr 19 : The Kolkata-based cleric, who issued a fatwa against Sonu Nigam, says he won't pay the singer the amount of Rs.

10 lakh till he fulfills the remaining two conditions, which are to wear two-garlands of old-torn shoes and then tour around the country.

"Sonu Nigam has not done all the things I asked for, two out of the three things remain unfulfilled," said Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi, the cleric who issued the fatwa.

Refuting claims that he made those remarks to come in the limelight, Quaderi, the vice president, West Bengal Minority United Council, said, "Sonu Nigam could have spoken against azaan as a publicity stunt but I would never use him (Sonu) for my publicity." Following the 43-year-old-singer's controversial tweets against 'azaan', the Kolkata-based cleric issued a fatwa against the 'Kal Ho Naa Ho' singer on Tuesday, responding to which he got his head shaved on Wednesday.

Source: ANI