Will look into making film on exam pressure in future: Shoojit Sircar

New Delhi, Feb 9 : Filmmaker Shoojit Sircar, who has made films like "Vicky Donor", "Madras Cafe" and "Piku", says he is open to the idea of making a film on exam pressure as he feels it is a problem that is rampant in society.

"Yes, I will definitely look into this in the future," Sircar, who is associated with the second edition of the 'Release The Pressure' campaign, told IANS.

Commenting on education stress, he said one of the key reasons is the tendency to make comparisons, which causes depression among children.

"It disturbs them mentally and lowers their confidence... (Yet) it is rampant in society, and parents do these things (without) realising how it affects the children," said the filmmaker.

For the second edition of 'Release The Pressure' campaign, Sircar has created a digital film that tells the story of the exam pressure that youths suffer because of parents.

In 2017, Mirinda, the orange flavoured drink from PepsiCo, came up with the first edition of the digital film, drawing attention to the issue of education stress for the first time.

In the second edition, the focus is on the constant comparisons made by parents.

It also pegs it as a cause of depression and suicidal tendencies among students.

"The Mirinda 'Release The Pressure' campaign started last year, when we asked students to write whatever they wanted to their parents," said Sircar.

And it emerged that the pressure they faced from parents during exams was a big problem.

"So this year, the campaign is more specific -- it is focused on comparisons; why do you have to compare? Comparison leads to low self-esteem and low confidence," he said.



Source: IANS