Winter is here! Sip some chai and kick-start the season

By Somdatta Saha New Delhi [India], Dec. 1 : Imagine a piping hot cup of tea with some theplas or freshly baked cakes, in a chilly winter evening! Isn't that a 'perfect' sign-off to a long hectic day? With such a thought in mind, 'Chaayos' have come up with 12 new inclusions in their menu, to kick-start the season! At Chaayos, everything revolves around chai (tea)- from Bun Maska to Samosas to Keema Pav and Poha.

What makes this new range special is that it's topped with a unique Twist. From the indigenous 'Gur Chai' to the Desi twist to 'Nachos' or Mexican tarka to 'Thelpa'- all these new entrants invoke the feeling of warmth in the otherwise cold weather.

The products, the range includes are Kulhad Pav Bhaji, Shammi Nachos, Thelpa Tacos, Homemade Upma, Golden Green Tea, Gur Chai, Chatkaara Chai, and varied range of cakes like- Chocolate Factory, Apple Streusel Cake Date and Fig Cake and Masala Chai Cake.

'Thepla Tacos,' the name speaks for itself. Here, a thepla is served in Tacos style with juicy, spicy paneer chunks or roasted Chicken in spicy red sauce.

'Veg Shaami Nachos' gives a perfect fusion to our palette with Tex-Mex Nachos, topped with classic Indian Shami Kababs.

On other hand, 'Gur Wali Chai,' added on with a flavour of Fennel (Saunf), will surely take you to 'those good old days.' To surprise all the green tea lovers, Chaayos have come up with 'Golden Green,' turning green tea from boring to bold, in a flavourful new avatar.

And for the green tea haters, this will surely make you take a sip! The regular visitors to this chai cafe are quite aware of their special masala chai.

If you feel that you are done with 'Chaayos Masala Chai,' then do try their 'Masala Chai cake' to get the same flavour in a completely new avatar! So, what are you waiting for? Get done with your work and hit your near-by 'Chaayos' to experience a 'foodgasm.'.

Source: ANI