Woman activist Brinda Adige dubs Kottayam incident as ‘sad, unfortunate’

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Feb. 2 : Woman activist Brinda Adige has dubbed the Kottayam incident where a young man attempted to immolate himself after setting afire his estranged lover as 'sad and unfortunate'.

Adige wondered as to what was the boy trying to achieve with his act. "We are looking at violence against women in so many different ways and this was just the case of a jilted lover.

I don't really understand what this boy was trying to achieve, but his whole idea was 'if you don't want me, then nobody can get you.' The fact that both of them died is unfortunate and sad," she told ANI.

The activist added that the government, especially the education department, should take responsibility of 'introducing this education' at a very young age.

The incident took place inside a medical college classroom in Kerala's Kottayam town on Wednesday. Both later succumbed to their injuries at a hospital..

Source: ANI