Yash Birla gives fitness tips to Aayush Shah

Mumbai, Sep 22 : Actor Aayush Shah says fitness enthusiast Yash Birla helped him get fit for his role in "Night and Fog".

Aayush is preparing for his next schedule for the film for which Yash guided him with few tips to be fit.

"I had a gym session with Yashji at Birla House and it was really kind of him to invite me for a session.

He shared his thoughts with me and told me that it is all in our mind and if we do not workout we won't stay fit, what matters is your passion for workout and how focused are we," Aayush said in a statement to IANS.

"A gym environment is not necessary, a workout can be done anywhere as being an actor we need to be flexible and ready for it..If you are not working up a sweat, you are not working hard enough, and to have a healthy diet and avoid outside food.

These few (tips) are on top of my mind and I hope I can try following all. Yashji is like an elder brother to me and it really feels good to be guided by someone who is an expert in fitness."

Tanvir Ahmed's autobiographical film "Night and Fog" also stars Rahul Roy.

It is an international film which will release worldwide in English and French.



Source: IANS