Zubeen Garg leaves ‘Bihu stage,’ when asked not to sing Hindi songs

New Delhi [India], Apr 16 : 'Ya Ali' (movie- Gangster) fame singer Zubeen Garg left a Rongali Bihu function midway, in Assam's Guwahati, after the organizers allegedly barred him from singing Hindi songs.

Before leaving the stage, the singer allegedly abused the organizers and said, "Bihu is a musical festival.

We can sing any kind of song." According to the organizers, "It is a festival of Bihu. Please sing Assamese song. You sing a Hindi song elsewhere that is not an issue. But here, on this platform, please stick to Assamese songs." Reacting on the same, one of the fans said, "The incident was unfortunate.

It should not have happened. Assam's Bihu committee too knew that Zubeen sings in Hindi, Bengali and Assamese, on every stage. So, barring him from singing in different languages, after knowing everything, is insulting. Songs should have no language limitation." "Whatever happened with Zubeen Garg was not right. I know it was a Bihu festival, but he is a very famous singer and music has no language barrier. We are from a country where Hindi is the national language. So, barring one from singing in Hindi is wrong," reacted another. Zubeen Garg, Assam's highest-paid singer has contributed in Assamese, Bengali and Bollywood music..

Source: ANI