11-yr-old girl offers her piggy bank to help poor (IANS Special)

Dehradun, April 7 : The deadly coronavirus outbreak has taken a huge toll over the mankind but it has also united the people of the country who are extending their helping hand to support those who are not able to feed themselves due to lack of work amid 21-day nationwide lockdown.

Amid all the negativity, a small gesture of Alia Chawla, a 11-year-old girl from Rishikesh, brings some positive vibes.

She went to a police station with her father, offered her piggy bank to the policemen and asked to use the money to feed those who are not able to get food amid the lockdown.

While offering the piggy bank she said: "Uncle, I don't know how much money is there in it but you can break it and use the money to feed the hungry people and animals."

All the policemen present in the Kotwali police station were left spellbound by this gesture of the little girl.

Dehradun police spokesperson SSP Dharmendra Bisht told IANS: "Amid the pandemic outbreak, we launched an initiative under which our motive was that no one should remain hungry or sleep hungry in the district.

We promoted this scheme to every household. After this, resident of Maniram Road in Rishikesh Ashok Chawla and his daughter Alia Chawla thought of extending their support and Alia handed over her piggy bank to the police."

On the insistence of the girl, the policemen broke the piggy bank and collected Rs 10,141 from it.

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Source: IANS