Lohri, Bhogi, Bhogali Bihu Harvest festival celebrated in Punjab, Haryana, Tamilnadu and Assam.
(Winter Solstice) Makara Sankranti.
The day is governed by the movement of the Sun from Cancer to Capricorn.
Vasanta Panchami (February – March) Vasantha Panchami is the spring festival.
In Bengal, Sarasvati the goddess of learning and art is worshipped.
Shivaratri (February – March) Lord Shiva is revered, to release the devotee from the cycle of birth and rebirth.
In Kashmir, the festival is held for 15 days; the thirteenth day is observed as Herath, a day of fast, followed by a family feast.
Holi (February – March) Prahlad the son of Hiranyakasipu watches his demon aunt Holika, on fire by divine intervention. Holi is a festival of colour and high spirits. The bonfire suggests the destruction of the evil.
Mahavir Jayanthi (March -April) The twenty-fourth tirthankara, Mahavira was born on this day. Jain shrines in Girnar and Palitana in Gujarat create a center of attention.Jain pilgrims on this day gather here to pay respect to their god.
Rama Navami (March – April) Rama Navami (March – April)
Vaisakhi (April – May) The Hindu year begins in some parts of the sub-continent.
For the Sikhs, on this day Guru Gobind Singh founded the Khalsa, in 1699.
Buddha Jayanthi (April – May) Siddhartha (Buddha) was born on the full moon day of Vaisakha in 563 B.C. at Lumbini in Nepal.
Id-ul Fitr The festival marks the end of Ramzan, with the new moon-the ninth month of the Muslim year. The holy Koran was discovered in this month. A fast is observed every day during this month, prayers are offered in mosques and Idgahs.
Raksha Bandhan (July – August) The consort of Indra ties a rakhi (silken talisman) around Indra’s wrist wishing him victory. Sisters tie rakhi on the wrist of their brothers.